Well… his star wasn’t in the ascendancy for long!

Title:  I fell in love with the ‘Cannabis Candidate.’ Then I got burned

Author: Chicago Reader.com

Date: 8 March 2018

URL: https://m.chicagoreader.com/Bleader/archives/2018/03/08/i-fell-in-love-with-the-cannabis-candidate-then-i-got-burned?utm_source=New+Frontier+Newsletter&utm_campaign=aa843b4e0e-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_02_14&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e61e943a42-aa843b4e0e-116795689&mc_cid=aa843b4e0e&mc_eid=178dec0b63


Roosevelt University deleted his faculty page. “He’s never been a professor here,” a spokeswoman told me when I called to ask why. “He tutored one student for a little while in 2016, that’s it.”

I started digging into Wolf’s role in the U.S. State Department. He indeed has served in dozens of countries, and he has framed certificates in his office commending him for his service in Guinea and in the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina. He also toured with former secretary of state Condeleezza Rice.

Other claims were harder to verify. Officials with the State Department declined to comment on whether he had been “appointed a Presidential Envoy” or served as “a United Nations liason” or “personal staff member to multiple Secretaries of State,” as a Wolf campaign press release says.

But a State Department agent who’d served with Wolf in West Africa (and asked not to be named) cast doubt on some of claims made by Wolf on his LinkedIn page. Wolf says he was a “security and human rights attache [who] acted as the lead area expert within … West Africa providing both information to the ambassador of the United States and the National Security Council.”


NCIA trying to unify state marijuana trade associations, but is competition on the horizon?



MMJ Bill Stalled by Kentucky Committee; Could be Reconsidered this Session



Oklahoma House Unanimously Approves Bi-Partisan Industrial Hemp Bill; Moves to Senate



LCB Communications


This message is to update you on the marijuana traceability project and some tools that we hope your find useful.

Yesterday, LCB staff and members of the Marijuana Traceability Advisory Group sat down together to discuss communication and how we can improve the flow of communication and how licensees can receive it. Below are some takeaways from that meeting…

Commercial Email Delivery Sending to Junk Folder
In December, the LCB transitioned from a public listserv to a commercial email delivery system in order to handle the high volume of recipients. After hearing from some licensees that they weren’t getting our emails, we’ve since learned that because GovDelivery is a commercial system, some emails may be filtered to your “junk mail folder.”

Of course, if that is happening, you won’t be seeing this email right away. However, if you are receiving these and hear from others who are not, please let them know that this may be why. If you see our email messages are populating in your junk folder, it’s just a matter of adding them to your “safe list.”

Tools for Licensees
Here are links to documents that may be of value to all licensees:

  • Contact Information. The LCB has communicated contact information on our website but click the link for that information in a more detailed format. One thing to keep in mind, after the Feb. 1, 2018 transition to Leaf, the LCB Marijuana Examiners no longer are acting as the support desk. Going forward, please continue directing system calls to the appropriate entity based on this list.
  • Workflow Chart. This workflow chart shows at a high level the steps product travels through from producer to retailer. On this chart you’ll see where there are workarounds available. See the next tool for the workarounds.
  • Workaround Solutions. Lastly, follow this link to a table with known workaround solutions for workflow issues. This will soon reside only within the Help Feature within Leaf Data Systems. You’ll have to be logged in to Leaf to access it. We will continue to updated this table and provide to Leaf Data Systems for updates.

Going Forward
Some licensees are unsure about using workarounds provided by Leaf Data Systems Support because they believe it has not been vetted by LCB first. Please know that any workarounds provided by Leaf Data Systems have already been vetted and approved by LCB.

Beginning next week, LCB will send a weekly status update to licensees with updated documents when possible and any timelines that we can commit to. We’ll continue to work to provide you with useful information and specific timelines where possible.

And lastly, one common issue is the terminology used by the various third-party commercial integrators, Leaf Data Systems, and the LCB is often different. The LCB will take the lead in putting together a “data dictionary” that will attempt to link common terms with synonyms to minimize confusion.

Thank you for your time and review.