Title: Jeff Sessions Opposes Bipartisan Drug Sentencing Reform Bill

Author: Newburgh Gazette

Date: 18 February 2018




New Frontier Data – California’s Licensing Landscape

  • So far, cultivation licenses are primarily concentrated in Northern California, with the top five producing counties (Humboldt, Santa Barbara, Mendocino, Monterey, and Calaveras) accounting for 74% of 1,256 cultivation licenses issued; Humboldt County alone hosts 20% of that total.
  • Yet, the licenses issued up to now fall far below the tens of thousands of growers who operated in the state before the new law took effect.
  • Manufacturing licenses are slightly less concentrated, with the top 5 counties (Alameda, Los Angeles, Riverside, Humboldt, and Monterey) accounting for 63% of 442 licenses issued.
  • As the state works to expedite its process, the speed with which cannabis businesses are licensed remains key to preventing supply-chain disruptions and ensuring whether the legal market competes effectively versus California’s illicit market.

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