The first entry in our new online conference / webinar section of Cannabis Law Report where we just detail what people are offering with regard to online conferences and webinars.

They don’t pay us we just precis their information so you know what’s happening out there.

We will after a few weeks introduce our personal highly subjective 1-3  rating that will essentially use our own bullshit detector to let you know whether we think you are wasting your time or money on an online event.



Prices for online booths are. Silver$697 , Gold$797 , Platinum$997


9 & 10 June 2020


Expect a robust and immersive online event where you can explore new product lines, and manufacturing equipment, cultivators, consultants and so much more. All on an interactive experience from the comfort of your home or office or anywhere you want to join in. NO costly travel, NO jet lag, NO bad airport food, NO waiting for Uber’s or Lyft’s, NO shipping costs, NO set up or tear down, and NO SORE FEET. Best of all…NO RISK OF COVID-19.