Vapes under $100 and their benefits

If you are a marijuana consumer and looking for an inexpensive vape that would go too long and provides you high-end quality then this article will give you a comprehensive look at vapes under $100. Visiting a market whether online or going out without having enough information about products will end up buying an expensive product that may not give you the quality you desired. Therefore it is always mandatory to have the necessary information about the product before buying it online or from a shop.

Nowadays vaporizers come in different shapes like some of the vapes are available in a pen-like structure. These vapes are easy to carry and are portable. These vapes can be taken to any place wherever a person wants. Different vapes have unique qualities and slightly differ from each other.

Online stores help to buy the product at more reasonable prices by using promotional and coupon codes. As these promotional and coupon codes are not available at the market. Check out cheap vape deals here on Vapo corner. Here is a list of five different vapes that possess different qualities from each other and retails under $100.

KANDY PENS slim vaporizer


KANDY PENS slim vaporizer is a small sleek auto draw vaporizer. It is so easy to carry because of its pen like structure. It has a 510USB charger which allows it to charge it anywhere. It is an affordable vape with high quality to enjoy anywhere.



Pros of KANDY PENS slim vaporizer

  1. KANDY PENS slim vaporizer is perfect for e-liquids and oils.
  2. It has a wickless technology for better flow.
  3. It retails $34.95.
  4. It is portable, best for travelers. It can be taken to anywhere.
  5. It offers 510 threads with 3.7 V battery connection.



AEGIS X 200W manufacture by GEEKVAPE Company. It also offers a dual battery feature. The quality of the product is extremely impressive with excellent performance. The size of AEGIS X 200W measures from 90mm by 51mm by 31.3mm. This vaping box is built by a zinc alloy with a rubber coating on it. The dual battery with high-amp 18650 has the capacity to offer 200w max wattage output. AEGIS X offers 2.4 inches OLED screen. The battery door is hinged at the bottom.


Pros of AEGIS X 200 W

  1. It retails $79.30 which is quite inexpensive and under $100.
  2. The quality of the overall product is incredible.
  3. It is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.
  4. The display is easy to use.
  5. 4-inch large color screen



X VAPE STARRY is manufactured by the XMAX Company. X VAPE STARRY has a sturdy design, it is easy to carry and can be carried in pockets easily. It is suitable for hikers to easily carry in the pockets. It has a small display. Anyone with little education can easily use it as it offers a less complex display.



  1. It retails $59.99.
  2. It is small in size.
  3. It has a sturdy design.
  4. It has a tight grip.



The size of SMOK MORPH 219W measures from 84.5mm by 44.8mm by 30.2mm. It is made from zinc alloy, easy to carry, and very light in weight. MORPH 219W offers the best quality under $100. This dual high -amp18650 batteries offer delivers a max wattage output of 219W. It is equipped with a full color 1.9 inch HD touch screen. The battery door is hinged at the bottom.

       Pros of SMOK MORPH 219W

  1. It retails $59.99.
  2. It has a secure battery door.
  3. It offers lots of customization buttons.
  4. It has a friendly interface, anyone can use it without facing difficulty.
  5. It has a nice click fire button.
  6. It offers a touch screen mode.
  7. It has different color options.



After the success of YOCAN EVOLVE—D THE PIONEER, YOCAN introduced the successor with more advanced technology. It has a built-in e-liquid which helps in producing potent cloud vapors. This liquid enhances the potent of herbs and increases the efficiency of them.


  1. It is best for medical consumers; as it has high temperature level and a more powerful battery.
  2. It has a large heating chamber with a functional mouthpiece.
  3. It uses dry herb dual coils instead of old pancake style coils.
  4. If you do not use it, it turns off itself which helps the users from accidental firing.
  5. It retails $49.99, which is quite inexpensive because of its extravagant features.
  6. It has 1100mAh battery.


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