Vaping 101- Choosing The Right Vape Kit As A Beginner

Whether you plan to begin your cannabis journey with vaping or graduate from smoking to vaping, the first thing you will need is the right equipment. However, choosing your first vape kit is no mean feat. There is a lot you need to understand, both about the device and technique, to pick the right ones. Moreover, the sheer number of options makes things all the more confusing. Although you should be prepared for trial and error, here are some factors you can consider while choosing your starter kit.


If you are just starting, you would want something handy when it comes to the size of the device. Even those transitioning from smoking would want a device that is comparable with the size of a traditional cigarette. Thankfully, some options are good enough to match your expectations in terms of small size and lightweight. You can check high five duo, which packs power despite its sleek build. Conversely, you can choose a bigger vaporizer if size matters to you.

Battery capacity

For newbies who wouldn’t want to fiddle a lot with the vaping kit, one with a longer battery life would make a good pick. It will last longer without requiring to be recharged repeatedly, so you can expect long and uninterrupted sessions. A 650 mAh can last 7-8 hours for an average user. You can consider the option of a device with a passthrough battery that lets you use and charge simultaneously.

Vapor production

Perhaps the most important factor that influences the choice of a vape kit is the vapor production capacity. As a beginner, you will not want to settle for something that isn’t good enough. Vapor production depends on the type of technology, the choice of e-liquid, and the resistance level of the atomizer head. The tech jargon may confuse you as a first-timer, so it is best to ask around for recommendations.


Safety is paramount when it comes to choosing a vape kit, regardless of your experience. The build should be strong enough to bear the heat. The battery needs to have the right security features to make the device safe. For example, an auto shut-off feature cuts down the risk of a short circuit. Also, going through user reviews is a good idea to understand the safety specifications.


Product authenticity can make all the difference for someone new to vape kits because it brings confidence and assurance. It is best to check a reputed weed vaporizer shop to find a genuine product you can trust for quality and safety. Never compromise with the quality only to save a few dollars because you may end up with a substandard product that fails to match your expectations in terms of vapor production and safety.

Finally, look for a vape kit that is easy to maintain and clean as you wouldn’t want to be bogged down with complicated parts and pieces. Choosing your first device requires a lot of attention, but it is crucial for making your first experiences worthwhile.

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