ATLANTAOct. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Verde Leaf™ is pleased to announce: the Georgia Department of Agriculture has issued Verde Processing & Storage, a subsidiary of Verde Leaf™, a Georgia State Hemp Processing Permit. The hemp processing permit allows Verde Processing & Storage to establish an industrial hemp facility with production capabilities that will focus on hemp extraction and product manufacturing with the United States. The company will also conduct research into the cultivation, propagation, and selective breeding of industrial hemp and will operate laboratories for the testing and certification of industrial hemp and its products.

“Building a state-of-the-art processing facility gives us a competitive advantage in this emerging market,” says Dr. Jackson Garth, President & CEO of Verde Leaf™ “We are proud to call Georgia home, and we are excited to bring jobs to the area.” Operations are expected to begin in the third quarter of 2020. This seamless effort alongside with several partners intersect biotechnology, agribusiness, and manufacturing – Verde Processing & Storage is sure to bring added value to our region’s growing economy. “We were founded to drive innovation within the hemp industries. We have the opportunity to create products that improve people’s well-being,” said Dr. Garth. “In the process, we will be able to create jobs in an exciting, innovative, and highly profitable new industry.”

Verde Leaf™ will source hemp exclusively from farmers in the Verde Leaf™ Farming Network™ and believes vertical integration will allow the company to create a thriving new industry with American farmers as the heart.

About Verde Leaf ™
Verde Leaf™ is one of the hemp industry’s first vertically integrated hemp companies that created solutions for the farmer, business owners, and consumers. We solve some of the critical challenges in the emerging hemp industry by assisting farmers with license acquisition, hemp cultivation and processing, and filling the knowledge gap with our network of seasoned hemp farmers and specialists across the Southeast. Moreover, by securing exclusive contracts with farmers, Verde Leaf™ ensures that hemp products sold to consumers have unprecedented clarity, consistency, and data available for products they are purchasing. By controlling our supply chain seed-to-sell, Verde Leaf gives customers assurance and confidence in the superior quality of our consumable and non-consumable product lines.