Vermont: 9 New Cultivator Licenses Approved + Manufacturing Applications Now Open

Yesterday’s  Vermont Cannabis Control Board meeting lasted only half an hour and the Board discussed several areas of importance.

Chair James Pepper began the meeting by sharing the announcement that review of all Tier 1 Outdoor Cultivator applications has been completed. Manufacturing and wholesale applications opened up on Friday, July 1.

Nine cultivator licenses were awarded

  • Rebel East VT LLC (Tier 5 Mixed Cultivator)
  • Rising Sun Sensi LLC (Small Outdoor Cultivator Tier 1)
  • 7enith Farm LLC (Small Tier 1 Outdoor Cultivator)
  • VVS Labs LLC (Small Tier 1 Indoor Cultivator)
  • OK Organix LLC (Small Tier 1 Outdoor Cultivator)
  • Cloudy Day Farm LLC (Small Tier 1 Outdoor Cultivator)
  • Lovely Cannabis LLC (Small Tier 1 Outdoor Cultivator)
  • Euphoria Cannabis Products LLC (Tier 2 Indoor Cultivator)
  • Herbetology (Small Tier 1 Indoor Cultivator)

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