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It’s expected to be among the most talked about of the upcoming legislative session that starts Jan. 5.

“In my mind, the best reason for doing this is that it’s a choice that adults ought to be able to make,” White told WPTZ. “We’ve said this thing, alcohol, we’ll not only endorse, but we’ll sell to you, and this thing over here which is not so good for you, marijuana, we’re going to make you a criminal if you use it. That’s my bottom line for doing this.”

Bill S.241 would allow adults, 21 and over, to possess and grow marijuana at home, in limited quantities, starting in July, 2016.

The proposal would establish a new Board of Cannabis Control — referring to marijuana — which would spend the next year drafting new rules for commercial cannabis enterprises and issues related to public safety.

Starting in 2017, the board could issue licenses to up to 173 commercial cultivators, up to 84 retail stores, and 42 cannabis lounges around the state.

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