Vice News Organization Video Discussion Of Synthetic Marijuana report on the rise of popularity synthetic marijuana and the health issues that that this “legal” high is causing.

Vice write:

VICE News journalist Nilo Tabrizy and VICE staff writer Allie Conti joined On The Lineto discuss “The Dangerous Rise of K2: America’s Cheapest High.”

K2 — the street name for plant matter sprayed with synthetic chemicals, designed to mimic the effects of marijuana’s active ingredient — is currently America’s cheapest way to get high. But the drug’s dangerous side effects have taken a toll on a wide variety of communities, particularly in New York City.
In “The Dangerous Rise of K2: America’s Cheapest High,” VICE News gets a glimpse of the challenges New York City is facing with K2 through the lens of volunteer ambulance corps and harm reduction specialists in its outer boroughs.

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