Video: A Nuts & Bolts Discussion of Psychedelic Law Reform Jun 26, 2021

Psychedelic Liberty Summit Saturday, April 25th Panel moderated by Ariel Clark, with David Bronner, Kevin Matthews and Ryan Munevar Various legal frameworks for decriminalization, legalization and regulation of psychedelics are being advanced in cities and states across the country.


In practical terms, what do these different legal frameworks look like?

What legislation is being advanced by policy reformers and why? What are the issues the different proposals seek to address? Where is there crossover and where is there contrast?

This discussion will unravel various efforts at psychedelic law reform. We will examine the national decriminalization movement, California’s and Oregon’s statewide initiatives, and we will discuss what implementation looks like post-decriminalization (de-prioritization) in Denver.

We will get specific on the proposed models for regulation and decriminalization and what psychedelics and society can look like post-implementation.

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