Video: Cannabis Control Commission Recognizes Fifth Anniversary and Celebrates Safe, Equitable, and Effective Regulated Industry

WORCESTER—On September 1, the Cannabis Control Commission (Commission) celebrated its fifth anniversary, marking five years since the appointment of the inaugural Commission on September 1, 2017. In that time, the regulatory body built a new independent Commission and legal industry from the ground up; the agency now has nearly 90 employees and a new slate of Commissioners, including the September 1 appointment of Chair Shannon O’Brien, with 434 adult-use and 98 medical-use licensees operating across the Commonwealth and over 30,000 registered agents working in the regulated industry.

“I am incredibly proud of our Commissioners and staff, past and present, whose contributions over the last five years have created the agency you see today. We accomplished building a brand-new agency while at the same time regulating a marketplace that is not new to Massachusetts but is safer and more effective thanks to our collective efforts,” said Executive Director Shawn Collins. “We have made great strides towards our equity mission as an agency and industry, but we all acknowledge there is more to do. We are not intimidated by the challenging and important work that remains, and I look forward to seeing the progress we achieve in the next five years.”


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