Video Discussion – NEW AMSTERDAM PSYCHEDELIC LAW – For-Profit Actors in the Psychedelic Economy, Part I

In this session, leading psychedelic attorneys Courtney BarnesAriel Clark, and Nicole Howell discuss ways of proceeding from a decriminalized nonprofit market for psychedelics to a net-positive legal market with for-profit actors.

The topics of discussion include specific proposals for laying a proper foundation for the eventual entry of legal for-profit actors into the psychedelic economy (see Nicole’s important and insightful recent article in Double Blind, How Tripping Can Help Us Reimagine Capitalism Ahead of Psychedelic Commercialization), what went wrong in cannabis legalization by way of comparison, the psychedelic decriminalization bill that was recently-introduced in California, and the relationship between local autonomy and state legislation with particular reference to Decriminalize Nature’s Community Healing Initiative model – and many other cutting-edge issues you don’t want to miss!


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