Video- News Report: $8.5M in psychedelic mushrooms seized from Connecticut home



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A man from Burlington, Connecticut, faces drug factory charges after detectives said he had been growing a significant amount of psychedelic mushrooms.

Weston Soule, 21, was charged with possession with intent to sell narcotics and operating of a drug factory.

State police said members of the DEA Hartford Task force and state police detectives received a tip that suggested Soule was operating a clandestine psilocybin mushroom growing operation at a home on Lyon Road.

They arrived at Soule’s home on Thursday around 9 a.m.

When they got there, detectives said they contacted Soule and saw ventilation equipment throughout the residence consistent with those used in clandestine laboratories.

Soule accompanied investigators to a detached garage on the property where detectives spotted a large mushroom growing operation.

During interactions with investigators, Soule claimed that the type of mushrooms he was growing was not illegal.

When asked about activities inside of the main residence, Soule did not consent to a search of the residence.

Detectives then submitted a search warrant to New Britain Superior Court, which was granted.

Upon serving the search warrant at Soule’s residence, investigators said they found a clandestine mushroom-growing factory within. It contained psilocybin mushrooms in various stages of growth, with an estimated total street value of $8.5 million.

Soule admitted to investigators that the mushrooms were in fact psilocybin, which is labeled as a “schedule 1″ controlled substance. State police said a schedule 1 controlled substance is defined as drugs, substances and chemicals that are not currently accepted for medical use and have a high potential for abuse.



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