WA Cannabis Senator Says “Recreational cannabis use will be legalised “a lot quicker than expected” Federal Health Minister, Hunt, says you are dreaming matey.

It’s his job to say that as he’s been voted in on the ticket!

We’d be far more cautious and say the innate conservatism of Australia, so far, suggests otherwise.

And let’s remember he is only talking about WA.

Also, we would be surprised to see many labor MP’s actually step into the ring on cannabis.

Hopefully, we will be surprised!

Cannabiz reports…

Dr Walker said while he and fellow Legalise Cannabis WA MP Sophia Moermond have been working to normalise the cannabis conversation in parliament, and to present the facts to colleagues, it was vital to engage the community as well as politicians.

“We need to get a measure of anger in the community. ‘We’re losing not just millions but billions of dollars, people are suffering, people are dying… we demand that you, our representatives, do something’.”

A combination of public anger, strong scientific arguments and smart politics would allow the community to come together “much like voluntary assisted dying and the gay marriage debates”, he added.

Sophia Moermond

Moermond told delegates the party is planning to bring a bill on driving impairment to parliament next year. It is also drafting separate legislation to allow people to grow up to eight plants for medicinal purposes and two for recreational use.

Meanwhile, former chief of staff to Reason Party MP Fiona Patten Jorian Gardner said Legalise Cannabis Victoria is very close to having the numbers to register and run in the state’s election in November 2022 and has an opportunity to match WA by electing two MPs.

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Recreational legalisation will happen ‘a lot quick than expected’


Meanwhile in Canberra, Cannabiz reports

Greg Hunt rejects petition to legalise cannabis

He’s on his way out come the next election according to media reports in the last 24 hours so it doesn’t really matter what he says anymore, although, the way the (un)Liberal party are going we imagine his replacement won’t exactly be jumping up and down singing the praises of adult use cannabis either.

For now it is the usual blah blah blah and once he’s left the parliament we’ll wager he sits on the board of a medical cannabis company

“The government does not support any measure that could imply that illicit drugs are safe or may increase their availability or consumption. As such, it does not support the legalisation, decriminalisation and/or use of any quantity of illicit drugs.” 

While pointing out that state and territory governments are “largely” responsible for legislating on illicit drugs, Hunt reiterated Australia’s international drug control obligations, particularly the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs 1961 “which prohibits the cultivation, supply and possession of cannabis”.



Greg Hunt rejects petition to legalise cannabis

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