WA Parliamentary Committee Into Cannabis & Hemp Has Re-Jigged How MP’s Declare Interests

A WA parliamentary committee into cannabis and hemp use has overhauled how MPs declare any conflicts of interest after its chair Brian Walker got into very hot water and had to resign from the board of ASX-listed medicinal cannabis company Creso after only 4 days in the position.

As far as we can find there’s no reference to either the prior rules or the updated rules on the relevant WA Parliament page


There’s no statement from Walker on his parliamentary page


And although he seemed quite happy to post his  Creso appointment to his FB page (see below) it is quite disappointing that there’s no statement on his facebook about the events.

It needn’t be much, but for clarity, it is, we think it incumbent upon him to make a short statement about the events of the past few days.

Instead , all we see is a distraction like this posted in the last 24 hours

It was the same story at his Linked In https://www.linkedin.com/in/brianwalkermlc/?locale=ar_AE

And Twitter too.  https://twitter.com/brianwalkermlc

Not a whisper

All rather disappointing, never the less expected in the world of politics.

The West Australian has the full story (paywall)


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