Four  groups in the state have agreed to fully merge for the “betterment of the industry”

  • The Coalition for Cannabis Standards & Ethics (CCSE)
  • The Washington Marijuana Association (WMA)
  • The Northwest Producers and Processors Association (NWPPR)
  • The Committee for Adult Use and Ethics of Marijuana (CAUSE-M)

A fifth The Washington Federation of Marijuana Businesses (WAFMB), has been in talks about joining too but as yet these talks appear unfinalized

Here is their website

This is what they say about themselves

THE CANNABIS ALLIANCE is a non-profit, membership-based association of individuals, businesses, government officials, and non-profit organizations dedicated to the advancement of a sustainable, vital and ethical cannabis industry.


  • Fostering education, communication and informational exchanges
  • Encouraging development of sound policies and cost effective strategies
  • Recognizing exemplary people, programs, policies and practices
  • Providing professional development opportunities.

In 2016 the Alliance officially begins its first year representing and promoting professionals working in the cannabis industry in Washington state. Our Purpose is to:

  • Advocate: to improve the legal and regulatory environment of the cannabis industry;
  • Educate: To provide a knowledge base to our communities, policy makers, and industry professionals;
  • Engage: Actively engage in building a unified industry by promoting safe and ethical corporate citizenship;
  • Promote: To advance the institution and infrastructure for a sustainable and vital cannabis industry;


Ganjapreneur write:

The Cannabis Alliance has been in the works since September, 2014. Though it was unclear early on how the new organization would unfold, it became inevitably apparent that Washington’s cannabis industry would be better served by a more conglomerated advocacy effort.

“We are looking at the industry as a whole and saying, ‘how can we help bolster the industry through education and influencing public policy, to help the industry become sustainable?’” Kaminsky told Ganjapreneur. “Relationship building, information gathering, education, good policy decisions — these are the things that we work on daily.”

Ultimately, The Cannabis Alliance strives to ensure a sustainable, vital and ethical cannabis industry in Washington state. However, its model could very well serve for cannabis nonprofits and trade organizations around the U.S. who, as cannabis normalization becomes a more mainstream reality, may soon find themselves struggling with similar situations.