13 January 2017

The Daily Caller reports

……. to establish a full tax and regulatory framework for weed legalization, which District voters approved by an overwhelming margin in 2014.

The decision mirrors a similar bill Grosso submitted two years ago following the passage of full marijuana legalization by voters. Grosso acknowledges the legislation will flagrantly violate federal law and pit the D.C. Council against Congress, but argues repeated actions to meddle in local law by Congress have forced their hand, reports the DCist.

A 1973 city charter requires the District government to wait for congressional approval before spending money from its budget, which is how Congress has blocked attempts to tax and regulate marijuana. If the Council includes rules governing marijuana in D.C. in their budget, it will be a direct challenge to congressional authority over the city.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2017/01/11/dc-mulls-skirting-federal-law-on-full-marijuana-legalization/#ixzz4VdLOzTpC

Link here for the text of the Bill