29 June 2016

Ganjapreneur  report:

Washington medical cannabis patients and providers should be prepared for delays in the roll-out of the state’s new medical regulations.

In particular, the state-managed database of medical cannabis authorizations is not ready yet, according to an email issued yesterday afternoon by the Washington Department of Health. This could spell dire consequences for Washington cannabis patients.


Regulators had planned a database that patients would register with to receive patient recognition cards. With such a card, patients would be allowed to:

  • Purchase cannabis products sales-tax free.
  • Purchase up to three times the legal limit for recreational users.
  • Purchase products infused with higher amounts of THC than recreational users.
  • Grow more than four plants at home.
  • Enjoy full protection from arrest, prosecution, and legal penalties associated with their marijuana activities — though patients will still have an affirmative defense.

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