6 August 2016

Here are the commercials without a doubt this will be a developing legal story as companies with huge investments will have to look at advertising to start to try and start  recouping on investments by appealing to a wider market

Get Creative With Avitas


Mirth Provisions’ “Legal” Music Video

Ganjapreneur report

Although the Federal Communications Commission has not outlined rules for cannabis commercials, the state Liquor and Cannabis Board rules for advertising prohibit companies from advertising “marijuana or marijuana products in any form through any medium whatsoever within one-thousand feet of the perimeter of a school ground, playground, recreation center or facility, child care center, public park or library, or any game arcade admission to which is not restricted to persons aged twenty-one years or older.”

The board suggests companies consult with the FCC, media-buyers and attorneys for television protocols. The FCC did not respond when questioned about their plans for cannabis advertising.

However, neither company plans on any television media buys. Both companies indicated that they are currently working on publishing the spots as YouTube ads – but YouTube is owned by Google, who has previously rejected medical marijuana ads due to its policy against promoting “dangerous products or services.”

Smith indicated that his company is still working on getting the green light from the world’s largest video sharing site, and said the process “takes time and comes with pretty serious conditions.”

“More than anything it is really just for us to experiment with the medium,” he said. “It’s all brand new. We’re trying to test the boundaries of what is allowed.”

Mirth Provisions’ spot was approved by YouTube “after some initial pushback,” Stites said, on the condition that the ads will air in states with a formal market, to users 21 and older.

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