The winter period presents with a lot of excitement and festivities. Often at times, you may find yourself too busy to engage in routine self-care. With freezing temperatures, the skin tends to dry out, hence becoming cold and clammy. The following are tips on how to treat your skin during winter cold.


1. Adjust Your Skin Care Routine.

Take some time off and rekindle your love for skincare. Note that now you are dealing with a different climatic condition from what you are used to. Therefore, this demands an adjustment of the routine skincare.

Experts recommend the avoidance of alcohol-based creams, lip balms, and serums. Alcohol tends to evaporate and dry out the skin more, making the skin feel irritable and itchy. In contrast, one should use products that are rich in natural oils like olive oil or avocado oil. Additionally, one may incorporate CBD creams and balms. Dermatologists recommend the use of heavy creams, particularly on cold nights.

2. Apply Sunscreen.

Contrary to popular belief, sunscreen can be used during winter. The rationale is that although the sun rarely shines, its rays will still reach the earth’s surface. Considering the reflective nature of snow, individuals are at a higher risk of developing sunburns.

Therefore, make it a habit to apply sunscreen whenever you are heading out, particularly on those grey cloudy days.


3. Hydrate.

One of the most useful ways of countering dry skin is through hydration. Medical specialists recommend consuming at least six glasses of water daily, especially during the winter season.


4. Prepare For The Winter By Installing A Humidifier.

After an outside visit, most people tend to increase the temperature in an attempt to warm up. What they do not realize is that this tends to dry the skin more. Therefore, it is crucial to install a humidifier, especially in the rooms frequently occupied. Humidifiers tend to add moisture to the air, which minimizes the rate of evaporation and drying of the skin.


5. Abstain From Harsh Cleansers.

Some cleansers contain harsh chemicals that tend to dry out the skin. Therefore, it is crucial to use gloves when cleaning and only clean when necessary. Examples of cleansers notorious for drying skin are those that contain alcohol and fragrances.


6. Moisturize.

Dermatologists recommend frequent moisturizing with CBD creams and balms. They also recommend the use of water-based moisturizers, especially for people prone to breakouts. In extremely dry skin cases, one can double moisturize by first applying an emollient moisturizer, then sealing it with another moisturizer.


7. Be Mindful Of Your Diet.

Dermatologists advise against consuming coffee, tea, or wine, especially when the skin is dehydrated. These substances tend to precipitate urination, which worsens the skin condition. Consume foods rich in omega oils, avocado oil, olive oil, and flaxseed oil. Such oils ensure that the skin remains supple and hydrated.

Conclusively, you need to take care of your skin, particularly during winter. The latter is done by active participation in skincare routine, hydrating, and minding what you eat.