From the outset this might seem a somewhat trite thing to report. But the Emoji business isn’t to be sniffed at.


That said, they better get designers who understand emojis otherwise it could fall flat very quickly and we suggest they look to Asia and young women, they are the demographic that undersatnd both emoji use and design.

A quick look with a google search reveals the following images are already up and running – plenty more are available if one digs a bit deeper


Also, a visit to emojipedia (yes.. such a thing exists) reveals……

🌿 Four Twenty / 420

List of Four Twenty / 420-related emojis.

Emojis commonly used to represent marijuana or cannabis include 🌿 Herb🥦 Broccoli and 🌳 Deciduous Tree.

As there is no single emoji to represent cannabis, often emoji bigrams (two emojis in sequence) are used to represent cannabis culture or the consumption of cannabis on days such as 420.

Emojis listed here are only understood to represent cannabis when used in that specific context.

Marijuana / Weed / Cannabis

A number of emojis are used in various contexts to describe cannabis. Usually involving the color green, including leaves, or both.

Cannabis-related paraphernalia

Some emojis are used as an approximation of cannabis paraphernalia include:


Emoji bigrams used in combination to describe the consumption and effects of cannabis:


There’s also this already launched


Here’s their full press release

First of its kind app for iPhone & iOS brings cannabis emojis to every aspect of communications.

Los Angeles, California – Wednesday July 15, 2020 –  Every time Apple rolls out new Emojis millions of iPhone and iPad owners go wild.  That is understandable considering Emojis have become an indispensable enhancement to verbal communications.  Nearly 1 billion people who own iOS devices worldwide use emojis all the time to enhance expression and expand communications.  Apple has managed to keep a tight lid on the emojis available to users. Until now.
Weedbams aims to change that with their innovative approach to introducing new emojis for consumers who are fond of marijuana. Their approach is a clever workaround to current Apple restrictions on emojis by applying a brilliant workaround that maps stickers directly to iOS and Android keyboards delivered via their app.
The result is that iPhone and iPad users will be able to use the forthcoming Weedbams app to drop many different cannabis emojis into every kind of communication including:
  • Social media platforms
  • Texting
  • Chatting
  • Notepad
  • Email
  • Everywhere! 

The cannabis industry and millions of consumers are stuck in something of a “no man’s land” as Federal law and persistent social mores are at odds with a booming ecosystem in the states where marijuana is legal.  What is certainly legal everywhere is the right of Americans to free expression. Weedbams’ new marijuana emoji app expands that freedom enabling users to reference “weed” with emojis other than a maple leaf or a Christmas tree.

All funds raised on this Kickstarter will be applied to developing this app including all the coding required for the keyboard mapping as well as rolling out as many new cannabis emojis as budget will allow.  The more funds raised, the more emojis will be delivered.

The Weedbams Emoji crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter –
The Weedbams Emoji Website –