Webinar: The European Cannabis Puzzle – CBD in Europe

This discussion was filmed as part of Prohibition Partners LIVE between 17-20 November – just as The ECJ ruled that CBD should not be considered a narcotic under the 1961 UN Convention


It’s Not EU, It’s Me: The European Cannabis Puzzle With Cannabis seemingly still off the agenda in Brussels, we are joined by activists & business leaders from Spain, Germany & France to look at what needs to be done for real change to occur.

Cannabis Europa virtual stage Moderator: Sunny Hundal (Open Democracy) Panelists: Ludovic Rachou (Rainbow), Queralt Prat-i-Pibill (Unión de Pacientes por la Regulación del Cannabis), Kai-Fredrich Niermann (KFN+) www.ProhibitionPartners.LIVE Last few tickets on-sale now – join the global Cannabis conversation

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