Unlike most other industries dealing with foods, medicines and consumed products that the FDA regulates, each state has sole regulatory responsibility where it is legal for ensuring cannabis products are free from contamination/adulteration. However, most of these states do not have the adequate and appropriate human and structural resources to manage this and will typically rely on test results obtained from ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited third party laboratories in order to help in their decision-making.  An A2LA accreditation brings additional benefit of legal defensibility of the test results.  A2LA accreditation is not just a stamp of approval; it is also an assurance that the laboratory has undergone a thorough and rigorous assessment; that they are meeting the requirements of the standard, and that they are performing accurate testing by competent individuals. This webinar will focus on the factors that impact on how this positive assurance of product quality is met though A2LA accreditation.