Website Pondering Pot Wants People To Only Apply For Medical Cannabis If They Really Need It

We understand what Pondering Pot is trying to say here, but the onus lies with the regulators and the companies, who, let’s be honest are working hand in hand to create a “medical cannabis” environment that has little to do with medicine and lots to do with making a small amount of people a shit load of cash.

If any of our readers have been watching the ABC show “Big Deal” over the past couple of weeks we hope they aren’t naive enough to think that Australia’s medicinal cannabis “industry” isn’t built on the same foundations as that of carbon creation, mining and gambling.


If we need to remind you just read the following

Govt and regulators keep asking for “advice” from the big players all wrapped up in that warm and cuddly phrase “govt is working with the industry”

Australia: Greg Hunt ( Federal Health Minister) Wants Your Ideas To Build The Australian Medical Cannabis Sector… So He Says

Priority Licencing For Some Australian Medical Cannabis Projects Says Govt

The Australian government want exactly this sort of response from the cannabis industry and mainstream media, eg it’s those people “cheating” the system who are making it worse for everyone. It is a narrative they continuously repeat whatever the topic, find a scapegoat and blame them whilst raking in political donations and making your mates extremely wealthy.

What’s needed, of course, is a wholesale overhaul of Australia’s cannabis laws and criminalization replaced with sensible and fair regulation across the board on a state and federal level.

But as with climate change and any other aspect of Liberal / Nationals government policy ( if you can call the current set of clusterfucks that) all you’ll get is diversion, division, greed and general unpleasantness with a good dose of law enforcement to top it off.

PP are worried about individuals gaming the system. They should be concerned that it is the companies and government gaming the system

Here’s the introduction to Pondering Pot’s piece

We support those who want to try medical cannabis for a variety of legitimate reasons, and to be able to access it quickly and affordably, but we strongly urge those without a medical condition not to try and ‘game’ the system to access cannabis.

A recent segment on 9 News titled ‘Cannabis Courier’ flaunted that certain medicinal cannabis companies can now possibly deliver cannabis to your doorstep in 3 hours or less.

The segment followed the story of one man suffering from chronic pain due to a slipped disk in his back from playing rugby many years ago, mentioning that he also struggles to sleep at night. After trying a variety of other pain killers, he decided to give cannabis a go.

I’ve seen a big difference, just managing my pain at night time, especially with my sleep.

While we’re unbelievably happy cannabis has worked for the man, the segment focussed on just how easy it is to get medical cannabis, shining a light on two companies that are pleased to quicken the process for the man, and others like him.

I just had to log on to the cannabis centre website, fill in the questionnaire online, and then we set up the telehealth [phone consultation] with the specialist.

This worries us that Australia could be heading down the historic Californian medical cannabis system path where medical cannabis was almost handed out willy nilly, leading to a disturbing blur between those who really needed medical cannabis, and those who just wanted to consume it recreationally.

Medical cannabis shortages have plagued Australia over the past year, leading to real patients going without their medicine. Those who are trying to ‘game’ the system with false information, should strongly consider the possible impact they are having on the livelihood of legitimate patients.

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