Weedmaps Decision To De-List Unlicensed Cannabis Businesses Is To Head Off Lawsuit At The Pass

Here’s what High Times say in their piece

“The decision by Weedmaps to cease carrying ads for unlicensed cannabis businesses is a critical step for wiping out the black market industry that undercuts legal retailers that play by the rules,” said Manny Medrano, a Zuber Lawler litigation partner. “It’s important to closely monitor this situation because despite Weedmaps’ announcement, the company provides no exact date for making the promised changes.”

On Wednesday, Weedmaps announced that “beginning later this year” it will require retail advertisers in the U.S. to provide a state license number on their listings on the cannabis information platform. Weedmaps CEO Chris Beals said in a press release that will help both consumers and legal cannabis businesses.

“These enhancements to existing safeguards on our platform will help patients and adult-use consumers find cannabis retailers that have provided evidence of state licensure,” Beals said. “It also underscores our commitment to working with lawmakers and regulators to foster a flourishing legal market.

Attorneys with Zuber Lawler say that they were on the verge of filing a class-action lawsuit against Weedmaps when the company announced it would stop carrying ads for unlicensed cannabis business. The suit on behalf of licensed cannabis businesses would have sought injunctive relief against Weedmaps under Calfornia’s Unfair Competition Law, which prohibits false advertising and illegal business practices, “in this case the advertising of unlicensed cannabis products through Weedmaps’ various digital channels.”

Full article: https://hightimes.com/news/law-firm-urges-weedmaps-set-date-promised-crackdown-unlicensed-retailers/

We had a look around the Zuber Lawler website but found no public announcements confirming the above.

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