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Title: Tasmanian country women trade scones for hemp seeds to support growing industry

Author: ABC Australia

Date: 5 May 2018

URL: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-05-05/tasmanian-cwa-trades-scones-for-hemp-seeds-at-agfest/9729476


Country Women’s Association (CWA) Tasmanian president Lindy Cleeland scrapes a mixture of chocolate and hemp seeds from her palms as she takes a break from rolling truffles.

“CWA ladies are not afraid to get our hands dirty and we’re also not frightened to handle the sticky issues — that should be the headline,” she laughs.

She’s spent the afternoon navigating a small kitchen in a rented cottage in the northern Tasmanian city of Launceston with two other local CWA members.

They’re assembling hemp seed-coated chocolate truffles and hemp seed-infused shortbread biscuits, which they plan to offer for free to patrons at the sprawling Agfest field days at nearby Carrick.

The tasty mouthfuls are set to become a weapon in the CWA’s latest mission: to promote hemp seeds as a healthy, locally-grown food product.



Title: Lidl Shoppers Add Cannabis to Their Shopping List

Author: German Pulse

Date: 26 April 2018

URL: https://www.germanpulse.com/2018/04/26/lidl-selling-cannabis-switzerland/


Germany’s Lidl has been lighting up social media this week and the reason has little to do with the discounted grocery prices they are most famously known for. Instead, it is the chains decision to add smokable cannabis to the shelves of select stores just outside of the German border in Switzerland.

Since mid-April, Lidl stores across Switzerland have begun sales of two hemp flower products sourced from the local start-up company “The Botanicals“, marketing them as a tobacco substitute.


Title:  Lidl offers locally grown cannabis to Swiss shoppers

Author: The Guradian

Date: 3 May 2018

URL: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/may/03/lidl-locally-grown-cannabis-switzerland


You may have heard about their cut-price stollen, and possibly their surprisingly flavoursome jam. But you probably won’t have sampled the latest range offered by the supermarket chain Lidl: locally grown cannabis.

Two products derived from hemp flowers are being offered in Swiss stores as an alternative to rolling tobacco.

A 1.5g box, from plants grown indoors, costs 17.99 swiss francs (£13.20). A 3g bag is 19.99 Swiss francs, but is made from flowers grown in greenhouses.

The packs are on sale alongside cigarettes and cigars at the tills. The cost per cigarette is double that of tobacco roll-ups.

Switzerland changed the law in 2011 to permit people over 18 to purchase and use cannabis containing no more than 1% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the plant’s principal psychoactive constituent.


Colorado Legislature Approves Cannabis ‘Tasting Rooms’ Bill; Moves to Gov.


Ontario Government Awards $300K Grant for Cannabis Beer Project


Title: The boring narcs at YouTube are banning marijuana-related channels


Date: May 2018

 URL: https://theoutline.com/post/4423/youtube-apparently-hasn-t-heard-weed-is-cool-and-legal-in-places


That crackdown recently made its way to a corner of YouTube that is neither dangerous nor disgusting, unless you’re Jeff Sessions: marijuana channels. Beginning in mid-April, rumblings of a crackdown became broad removals, a move that avid cannabis consumers speculated is tied to the crackdown …



Title: Flower shop in Glendale reopens with added cafe serving CBD-infused coffee and tea

Author: QNS

Date: 26 April 2018

URL: http://qns.com/story/2018/04/26/flower-shop-glendale-reopens-added-cafe-serving-cbd-infused-coffee-tea/


Sitting inside the back room of Dorothy Stepnowska’s flower shop in Glendale, it’s easy to forget that the storefront is located along bustling Myrtle Avenue. It’s surprisingly quiet, with Victorian-style couches, floral decor and an open door to an outdoor “secret garden” letting in a cool breeze.

A cup of coffee with a certain calming ingredient only enhances that atmosphere.

Formerly known as the Secret Garden flower shop, the storefront was renovated to include a cafe inside and will now serve coffee, tea and pastries that are infused with cannabidiol (CBD), an increasingly popular extract of the marijuana plant. With its grand opening on April 20, the newly named Flower Power Coffee House, NYC became the first brick-and-mortar location in Queens that sells CBD-infused products, according to shop owner Stepnowska.


Title:  80% of Seniors Support Medical Marijuana — but There’s a Catch

Author: Motley Fool

Date: 14 April 2018

URL: https://www.fool.com/investing/2018/04/14/80-of-seniors-support-medical-marijuana-but-theres.aspx


Despite strong support for medical cannabis, many seniors remain skeptical of the drug.

Legal weed is currently among the fastest-growing industries in North America. In just a span of two decades, this formerly taboo topic that few would discuss has become an industry expected to grow sales by 28% annually through 2021, according to ArcView Market Research. It’s also expected to create a lot of jobs tied directly to growing and selling cannabis, as well as indirectly through financing, packaging, marketing, and consulting.

At the heart of this growth is a major shift in the way the public views cannabis. In the U.S., five national polls over the trailing year have all demonstrated strong favorability — a range of 59% to 64% approval across those five surveys — toward the legalization of pot. Even folks who identified as Republican in the October 2017 Gallup poll showed a modest favorability toward legalization for the first time ever.

Interestingly enough, though, one group — and only one group — has consistently had an unfavorable view of recreational weed: seniors. Gallup’s polls have regularly shown that seniors aged 55 and up believe cannabis should remain illegal, albeit their collective dislike of marijuana has eased over the years. That’s what makes the latest National Poll on Healthy Aging from the University of Michigan all the more interesting.




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