Welshman Fined For Possesion of 1gm Cannabis

The Powys County Times publishes a story that’s indicative of the waste of law enforcement resources and court time over a trivial amount of cannabis.

They write

A NEWTOWN man had barely been to collect his cannabis when police took it away from him.

Daniel Franklin had been using the Class B drug as a substitute for drinking alcohol, which he has been struggling to give up, Welshpool Magistrates’ Court heard.

He admitted possessing one gram of cannabis when he appeared on Tuesday, January 12.

Prosecutor Helen Tench said PC Bufton spoke to the defendant in the Lon Derw area of Newtown on February 19, 2020, and noticed a smell of cannabis.

“The defendant had one gram in his pocket, he said he’d just been to pick it up,” said Mrs Tench.

“It had a street value of £10. He was given a caution originally but failed to comply with that caution. In interview he said he has been trying to give up alcohol and he finds the cannabis helps.”

Paul Inns, defending, said his client hadn’t worked since being laid off from his job back in 2017.

“Mr Franklin has had problems with alcohol in the past, so he has substituted it for cannabis,” said Mr Inns.

“He is currently staying with his elderly parents and is relying on their goodwill.”

Magistrates issued a three-month conditional discharge and ordered Franklin to pay £85 costs and a £22 surcharge.

Source: https://www.countytimes.co.uk/news/19016406.newtown-man-fined-possessing-one-gram-cannabis/

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