West Australia – Cannabis Party Reveal Draft Bill .. Premier Shoots It Down




We can’t give you too much detail as most Australian news info sits behind paywalls but this is what we have learnt so far..

Here are two headlines from the WA press with a  tone that suggests they still think cannabis regulation is a bit of a joke

The plan to legalise cannabis use in WA: Controversial MPs reveal details



Premier Mark McGowan shuts down plan to legalise cannabis use in Western Australia


Wild proposal to give WA most relaxed cannabis laws in the country

A controversial plan to legalise cannabis use in Western Australia would allow people to possess 50g of the drug and households to grow up to four plants, giving the state the most relaxed cannabis laws in the country.

Legalise Cannabis WA has proposed the legislation, which upper house MPs Brian Walker and Sophia Moermond hope to introduce to parliament next year.

However, the bill has gone up in smoke before it even reaches state parliament.

Premier Mark McGowan on Tuesday swiftly shut the idea down, indicating the Labor government would use its control of both houses to block the legislation.

“Having freely available cannabis is not our policy,” he told ABC Radio.

“They’re just proposing everyone can grow it wherever they want. That’s not what we’re doing. It’s just not an issue I want to deal with at this point in time.

“We do allow for medicinal cannabis for people with arthritis or cancer or those sorts of things. That’s the policy at this point in time.”

As a starting point, we’ve asked that the bill allow for the possession of 50g of dried cannabis or up to 150g of fresh cannabis for those over 18 years of age,” Walker told The West Australian.

“This legislation will put WA at the forefront of cannabis developments in Australia, following on from and developing the example of the ACT. Other states will surely follow.

“Legalisation around the world is gaining momentum, and we want to see Australia benefit from the proven health and financial bonanza that results.”

The ACT legalised the personal use of cannabis for those 18 and over in 2019, and the government this month agreed to decriminalise small amounts of commonly used illicit drugs including cocaine, heroin and MDMA.

In WA, it is currently illegal to possess, use, manufacture or supply illicit drugs.




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