West Australia Cannabis Senator Starts Campaign To Get Medical Cannabis On PBS ( Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme)

He writes on his website

List Medicinal Cannabis on the PBS

The Federal Parliament legalised the use of medicinal cannabis products in Australia in February 2016, but access to treatment is still severely limited due to cost, with patients reporting average monthly costs in excess of $300, or approximately $10 per day. Not only is this a barrier to much-needed relief for many Australians, but it also encourages an illicit trade in home-grown cannabis on the PBS. We, therefore, ask the House to expedite the listing of TGA-approved cannabis products on the PBS as a matter of urgency.

Petition Link: https://www.aph.gov.au/e-petitions/petition/EN4383

Also read media report at

Dr Brian Walker launches campaign to get medicinal cannabis listed on PBS

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