West Australian Cannabis Party Senator,Sophia Moermond, Plays Devil’s Advocate On “Harmful Things”

Cannaus reports

On Tuesday, December 14th, Legalise Cannabis Western Australia member and MP Sophia Moermond referred to a section from the WA Police Force handbook, “Cannabis laws in Western Australia.”

The section explains that cannabis cultivation, possession, use, supply and selling is illegal because “cannabis is harmful.” On the understanding that the government criminalises harmful things, she asked parliament three questions:

  1. Will the government make alcohol illegal?
  2. Will the government make sugar-based soft drinks illegal?
  3. Will the government make opioids illegal?

Sue Ellery replied that the government has no plans to criminalise any of those substances — which makes WA’s government’s stance on cannabis pretty hypocritical.

As Moermond rightfully pointed out, opioids kill more Australians than road accidents. The road toll in 2020 was 1,094, while opioids contributed to 1,129 deaths in 2019.

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