West Hollywood’s Lowell Farm Cannabis Cafe Opens To Crowds Queuing Around The Block

The amount of press received by this West Hollywood “cannabis” cafe suggests it’s going to be a test case in California to see if this form of public consumption will run, both with consumers and also local residents. Only time will tell.


Lowell Farms Cannabis Cafe is one of the first businesses in the United States with the license to sell marijuana-based food, beverages and products that visitors can also smoke on site.


‘Flower Hosts,’ or ‘budtenders,’ will help patrons aged 21 and over navigate the menu, giving advice to connoisseurs or novices on what strain of cannabis to order with their meal and the potency and flavor of each product.

On offer are pre-rolled joints starting at $18 dollars apiece, highly potent concentrates, some edibles, and accessories such as bongs, pipes and dabbing devices.

While the food served at Lowell Cafe will not be infused with cannabis, diners will be offered the services of a ‘flower host’ who will advise how to pair different strains of marijuana with menu items and roll a joint at the table.


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