What Are the Ideal Ways to Give CBD to Your Pet?

Cannabidiol (CDB) products are gradually garnering the attention of many pet lovers. It is available in different variants and must be administered in prescribed dosages.

You can understand CBD products by simply browsing through sites like https://www.thegreendragoncbd.com/honest-paws-cbd/, which provides rich resources for educating pet owners and offers a wide range of CBD products, too. It is also suggested to seek a veterinarian’s advice before commencing CBD intake for your furry friends.

How to Use CBD for Pets

CBD is believed to be therapeutic and is sold in the form of topical creams or edibles. The topical cream is typically useful to treat itchiness and skin irritations. Edible CBD is something that can be eaten and is available in different forms like oils, pills, or tablets.

There is a possibility that your pet may not enjoy the texture and taste of some CBD products. Feeding your pet with CBD may get challenging when it develops an aversion. Given the benefits it has, you may want to try out new tactics to feed your pet.

Here is a list of a few ways through which you can administer your pet with CBD.

A Direct Administration

The quantum or the number of drops of CBD oil depends on your pet dog’s size and the intended end-use. If the pet doesn’t act difficult, placing the prescribed drops in the mouth is the easiest way. You may use the dropper and release the oil. However, some recommend pouring it on a plate or spoon and allowing the pet to lick it off. After letting your pets lick, you may treat them with some of their favorite delicacies.

Mixing It with the Meal

There may be times where giving CBD products can get tricky and messy. To make it easy and quick, you may give it to your pet through the feed. You may either mix the edible CBD product in the daily feed or a specially cooked meal. Some pets may be disgruntled on being given a direct dose.

Small portions of CBD in food may save you from running behind your pet for a direct administration. The required drops of CBD oil can be put on a porous biscuit, and after the biscuit absorbs the oil, you may offer it to the pet.

Try Out Different Flavors

There is a wide category of CBD products in the market. Every variant has a different texture and flavor. You can expose the pets to these variants to figure out which one suits them the best.

Like humans, pets also have receptors in their mouths. The receptors of your furry friend are more sensitive than that of man. CBD infused peanut butter, and coconut oils are a hit amongst pets. Hence trying out different flavors can aid in figuring what your pet likes the best. This can ease out the process of CBD administration.

You may opt for any of the feeding mechanisms that suit you and your pet the most. In the meanwhile, you can consider going through a reputed online store for viewing a variety of CBD products.

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