What CBD products can you get with a Medical Cannabis Prescription?

There are a lot of general questions that many potential and even current patients may still have about medicinal hemp and CBD medical therapy. This is due in part to the versatility of the plant as a form of treatment which is able to help manage a wide variety of both physical and emotional issues.


One of the most common questions about prescriptions for medical cannabis has to do with the different kinds of ways that can it be applied. Let’s take a quick look at the four methods legal and available today through Canada’s Licensed Providers:



This is the most effective and recommended method, although the others on the list are still suitable as the dosages can be varied and adjusted with the different products. Vaporizing delivers a highly concentrated, very light steam, which is easily inhalable and has no harsh effects on the throat or lungs. Most patients prefer it. However, there are those with some conditions that may prevent it from being an option.



This is also popular with many people. A bottle of oil with a small dropper in the cap is the preferred application/delivery vehicle for a number of patients. They usually come in various flavors and are a fast and simple way to make sure that you keep up with your daily recommended medical cannabis prescription.



For those who prefer the old fashioned and traditional form of medicine-taking, these prescriptions are also available in capsules. One or two pills (or whatever your particular condition might require), a glass of your favorite accompanying liquid, and down goes the medicine. This is a good option for people who can’t or prefer not to vaporize, and who may have been on more conventional or traditional types of treatment prior to obtaining their license.



And finally, another option for those patients who may desire all of the benefits of the previous section, but don’t like taking or swallowing capsules, is gelcaps. They have a smooth coating and slightly smaller size, making for an easier trip down.


Find the One That Is Right for You

The most important thing is to make sure that you find not only the best application method for yourself, but also the right type of prescription for your particular health concerns, as well as the proper dosage. Regardless of how you choose to take your medicine, it is most effective when taken on a regular and consistent basis.

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