Taking CBD, either in the form of oil or capsules, is generally considered safe for most people. Many people wonder, however, what the difference between taking CBD oil and smoking marijuana is.


While CBD is a compound found within cannabis, it does not have the same psychoactive effects as the compound THC. THC is the compound that is found in marijuana. This means that those who use CBD do not experience a high effect.


However, both marijuana and CBD can have medical benefits for some people. Most people consume CBD to help reduce pain or to improve their mental health. Most people have very few negative benefits. Some people do report having diarrhea, feeling fatigued, and having a change in appetite.

CBD reacting with other drugs

However, it is also important to note that CBD can negatively react with other drugs. This means that if you are currently on any other medications, you will want to check with your doctor before starting to use a CBD supplement.


The reaction can cause nausea and drowsiness. It can also cause other medications to no longer be effective. This means that if you take a medication to prevent seizures, a CBD supplement could cause that medication to stop working, leaving you at risk for a seizure.


Keep reading to learn about some of the drugs and medications that should not be mixed with a CBD supplement. However, even if your medication doesn’t appear on this list, make sure to check with your doctor before starting a supplement.

Blood thinners

If you’re taking a blood thinner, such as Warfarin or Coumadin, there is a chance that CBD oil could increase your chances of bleeding or other complications. This is because CBD blocks the metabolic activity of the drug. What this does is increase the levels of the drug, causing the drug to remain in the body at higher concentrations, which has the potential to lead to problems.


Benzodiazepines, such as Xanax, Ativan, and Clobazam, increase the common negative side effects of CBD supplements, due to the fact the drug’s metabolic activity is impacted. This can result in a person feeling sedated. It can also cause respiratory complications or cause the medication to stop working.


When taken with alcohol, both the effects of the CBD and the alcohol are heightened. How this impacts you depends on your typical response to alcohol and CBD. For example, if you typically get sleepy after drinking alcohol, combining the two could cause you to feel sedated. It is almost important to remember that CBD and alcohol can react to one another, even if consumed up to eight hours apart.

Other problematic drugs

Some other known drugs that can react negatively with CBD include antidepressants, beta-blockers, antiretrovirals, and antihistamines.

Safely taking CBD supplements

Even if you aren’t on any medications, you should still make sure to consume CBD supplements safely. You don’t want to accidentally end up taking too much CBD; this can cause you to feel lethargic and nauseous.


Most people take CBD by swallowing a pill or by putting a drop or two of CBD oil under their tongue. Always check the recommended dosage on the bottle before taking it. Also, keep in mind that the effects won’t be instant. It can take up to an hour before you start feeling the effects, so if they don’t happen immediately, do not attempt to take more CBD.


You can also vape CBD or consume it in food. Keep in mind that it can be harder to know how much CBD you’re consuming with these methods.


Always start with small doses of CBD. Once you determine how CBD affects you, you can always consider safely and gradually increase the dosage. Make note of when you’re taking CBD and how it impacts you.


When buying CBD supplements, you should always be mindful to buy them from a reputable source. This includes your local pharmacy or healthcare store. If buying CBD oil online, make sure that the site you buy it from has the product approved by a third-party lab.

Final thoughts

If you’re on any medication, regardless of whether or not they were mentioned in this article, please talk to a medical professional before starting a CBD supplement.


Many people like taking CBD supplements because they are a natural way to relieve pain or improve mental health. However, if taking the supplement reacts negatively to a medication you’re already on, you could find yourself facing serious health complications.