What Happened With Glass Blunts?

Since the debut of the original glass blunt pipe, which according to Google trends showing a surge of searches for it in 2016 around August. These new types of pipes for smoking weed went strong for an entire year and peaked in December 2017. So what happened that caused this new type of marijuana pipe to decline in searches online? 


Unfortunately, it was the counterfeits of the original twisty glass blunt that really put a dent in users confidences for these new types of pipes for smoking weed. Even worst, not only did these fakes provide a bad user experience. But it also has the potential to give health problems with very high dangerous levels of lead that were detected in independent lab test. Afterwards, glass blunts became known for not being a good marijuana pipe. However, this was far from the actual truth. Like any device for smoking weed, it’s going to require the proper steps for an optimal session. Before we proceed on how to use a glass blunt pipe. It’s important to note that there are made up brands of glass blunts being sold from China, and can be found in smoke shops and online marketplaces.

Using a glass blunt to smoke weed is very simple. It requires a grinder that is capable of producing super fine pieces of your cannabis nugs. It’s not recommended to use big pieces of marijuana, because it’s not going to burn as good as finely ground sizes. Just load the dry herbs into the glass tube, and twist the ceramic spiral piece into it. Now you’re ready for lift off, light the end of the glass blunt and enjoy a delicious experience from your cannabis. Hold this pipe like you would any other marijuana pipe to your mouth while lighting, and take small puffs into your mouth to light it but do not inhale. Once a cherry is accomplished, then feel free to inhale the marijuana smoke which will be cooler than a normal blunt.

Take massive hits by attaching a glass blunt pipe to a bong as a bowl! Not all glass blunts have this capability, but the ceramic spiral version of it below does! 

So with so many counterfeit glass blunts, where may someone find a reliable one for sale? There are still many reliable vendors providing high quality glass blunt pipes, but its essential to buy directly on their websites to avoid the fakes. It’s possible to find glass blunts that are going to provide an excellent smoking experience with your weed. We suggest looking for a non-metal type to avoid the possibility of unsafe levels of lead. There are glass blunts with a ceramic spiral which is a material optimal for heat. There are other companies that have made glass blunt pipes completely out of glass, but remember these are not going to be as durable. Although, cannabis smokers do prefer glass pipes because of the optimal flavor provided by using them. The glass marijuana pipes tend to cost a lot less too, but with glass your giving up the ability to drop it, and not have to worry about it breaking.


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