What Should Marijuana Legalization Look Like?

Very interesting piece in Boston.com today about the various  pro marijuana groups facing off against one another on how  legalization should look

The article begins….

Weed wars: Pro-marijuana groups are now fighting against each other…..Pot activists can’t agree on how the drug should be regulated. Now some fear that picking sides could split the vote and not result in any legalization
Amid the haze of pot smoke that floated above Boston Common as college-aged kids casually passed around blunts, Steve Epstein took to the stage and grabbed a microphone.

“We knew this day would come, when our Freedom Rally would be the initiative petition kickoff!” Epstein bellowed to the pot enthusiasts gathered at September’s annual marijuana festival.

Most of the stoned crowd paid him little attention. They probably didn’t realize that Epstein, who is leading a charge for marijuana legalization in Massachusetts, is in the political fight of his life. In Massachusetts and across the U.S., pro-pot groups—who have long fought together to legalize medical marijuana and decriminalize the drug—are locked in a standoff.

Legalization, for so long a question of if, has quickly morphed into a question of how. As it sweeps across the nation, the battle has turned inward as advocates argue over what marijuana policy ought to look like.

Full article: http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/2015/11/09/weed-wars-pro-marijuana-groups-are-now-fighting-against-each-other/VJ0NoHN7uzXpeNKKfsXXEM/story.html

Also See Boston Globe Story Featuring Epstein at https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/regionals/north/2014/12/20/the-argument-time-for-massachusetts-legalize-marijuana/ErYjbde87BCY1a3hG40b2N/story.html

Photo: Steve Epstein    Credit Boston Globe

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