If you are considering vaping, the choices can be overwhelming but there’s more to consider when choosing the right CBD vape for your needs. One is the level of THC, as this is the compound a test looks for in a blood sample. There is no doubt that THC affects reaction times and concentration just like alcohol, and as such comes under the same kinds for legislation in certain occupations.

Can CBD Vaping Result in a Positive Drug Test?

So many factors go into determining whether or not you’re going to be tested positive for a drug test when you’re into CBD vaping.  The most important of them all is the levels of THC – the active intoxicating component of marijuana. If you’re using CBD vaping juice that contains a high concentration of THC, a failed drug test inevitable.

However, you don’t need to panic because many studies have confirmed that if you’re taking less than 0.6mg THC a day, you may not screen as positive, especially when you consider the standard 50 ng/ml cutoff point. There have been cases where people ingested up to 0.45mg THC and still had no issue passing the drug test.

In other words, there is no need to worry if your consumption of CBD oil is around 200-300mg a day although some people suggests you should avoid full-spectrum hemp extract to avoid a failed test, but even that contains THC is no higher than 1%,  and less likely to cause any problems. Nevertheless, it really comes down to how hardcore your vaping is. You will have a hard time staying under the standard threshold for THC if you’re vaping several bottles a day.

Two Things to Do When You Worry about Drug Tests

To avoid having a failed drug test, you should go straight to https://hotjuice.com/cbd-info/will-cbd-vape-juice-fail-drug-test/ to educate yourself more and keep the following points in mind.

  •       A very good idea is to buy only from a trustworthy CBD manufacturer. You can find many online sellers but not all of them are worth your time and money. Some popular manufacturers now even offer a certificate of analysis. You may want to ask for it when buying CBD oils. Just ensure that those certificates come from a legitimate third-party lab. These labs check the percentage of THC and CBD levels found in the oil. At the same time, they ensure nothing harmful is added. If you’re really concerned about drug testing, you should never take a chance when buying CBD oil. Ensure it has been tested properly and the results are up-to-date.
  •       Opt for only trusted sources because some scammers have been selling CBD products containing little CBD but a high concentration of THC.  If you buy from shady sellers, you might also get products that contain only ‘synthetic cannabinoids’, which can make you feel very uncomfortable and lead to an extreme high. Using such products is illegal too, which is another good reason to opt for a legitimate seller.

If you do your research, there are plenty of options. There are many websites selling CBD oils but before you make a purchase, it’s useful to check the reviews and find out what their customers are saying. Vaping CBD is still a relatively new industry that has yet, has little external regulation. Instead, regulation is driven by consumers with poor online reviews on sites and in forums resulting in poor sales. The flip side is that when a company has a product that works, it’s own consumers are more than happy to extol the virtues of their vaping CBD oil products online.