Cannabis Business Times reports…. The state’s Cannabis Control Commission is still trying to determine whether the products, quarantined during the height of the vaping-related lung illness outbreak, can be retested and sold safely.

Here’s the introduction to the piece. It seems to make sense to recycle as long as the product is safe althoug expiration dates are approaching so decisions need to be made sooner rather than later

Ellen Rosenfeld, president of CommCan, a vertically integrated cannabis company licensed under the medical and adult-use programs with two dispensaries, says she has 35,000 products in quarantine that represent a potential of $2.4 million in sales revenue for the company, which she owns with her brothers Marc and Jon. Many of those products are nearing their year expiration date from when the product was first tested for sale.

“We want to reprocess the oil in the cartridge, strip it down, distill it again and make sure the only thing that’s there is pure oil distillate, which is what we do now,” Rosenfeld says. “This has been something that I personally and CommCan as a company has reached out to the CCC on several occasions to move this along over the last few months. I was always told that they were working on it, but nothing came to be.”

Brandon Pollock, CEO and co-founder of Theory Wellness, which is vertically integrated, licensed in both the medical and adult-use markets and operates three dispensaries, says the quarantine and delays have “been very negative” for the company, as he estimates Theory has more than a million dollars in inventory that’s been on hold for about nine months.

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