What’s a MOM? (Mail Order Marijuana)

In countries like Canada, where the sale and consumption of cannabis products are legal, you can order your mail online and have it sent to you. In Canada alone, there are at least 300 Mail Order Marijuana companies online and it seems like new ones are opening all the time. 


You don’t have to travel to your local marijuana dispensary to purchase cannabis products thanks to this easy-to-use service. All you have to do is find a MOM site online, such as https://cannasweets.co/, put in your details and your order and you will have the marijuana products delivered directly to your door! This makes ordering pot online easier than ever, and the best thing about it is that you can order from the comfort of your own home. A lot of times when we leave the house to go shopping we don’t have the time to go to the dispensary, so this service can help you get on with your day. 


MOM is Ideal during the Pandemic

Since early 2020, experts have advised us to stay indoors to help reduce the transmission of Covid-19. They have said that we should only leave the house for essential items. In some cases, especially for those who use cannabis for medicinal purposes, purchasing marijuana from a cannabis dispensary is an essential item, but many fear contracting the deadly virus. For those suffering from underlying illnesses, contracting Covid-19 is extremely dangerous, so a visit to the dispensary could prove very dangerous. 

Since the pandemic, it is no wonder that so many people have opted to purchase their cannabis products online. It is a much safer and more secure method of purchasing weed. 

More Options

Sometimes, when visiting your local marijuana dispensary, you might feel that your options are limited. One of the reasons for this is that some cannabis stores don’t have a lot of space to stock products. Normally, the running costs of a building, especially in a prime location can cost a lot of money. Paying employee’s wages and utility bills can add up too, so buying a large amount of stock for the store might not be possible. 

However, online stores sometimes have a lot more options. Rather than a few strains, they sometimes have a large list to choose from. 

The downside about ordering online is that you don’t get to see the cannabis in person. Some people like to inspect the bud before they purchase it from the store. They like to smell it and check out the different colors. Although most online dispensaries provide plenty of information about each of their products, some feel that it won’t look and smell the same once it arrives at their door. 


Ordering Online is More Private

Not everybody likes to make a song and dance about their cannabis use. Even though the negativity surrounding the use of marijuana products seems to be something of the past, some people would prefer it if the world didn’t know what they do behind closed doors. 

This is another reason why so many people are using cannabis. If you are a lecturer at a university, the chances are you would prefer it if your students were not aware that you consumed cannabis. So purchasing weed from an online dispensary is probably your best option, so you can avoid getting noticed in your local dispensary. 

Most MOM companies use packaging so others don’t notice there is cannabis inside. This is great if you are worried about nosey neighbors or even the delivery man finding out that you use pot.

MOM is Convenient 

In countries like Canada where MOM is extremely popular, not everybody lives close to a marijuana dispensary. Canada is one of the biggest countries on this planet, and there are towns and cities all over its land, so MOM is often the only way people have access to purchasing legal marijuana products. Before MOM, some people would have to drive for hours, sometimes even days to the closest marijuana dispensary. This service has completely changed the way some folks purchase cannabis, especially for those who live far away from their local weed store. 



If you are looking for a MOM to purchase cannabis, consider checking out some reviews posted by existing customers. If the business has plenty of honest, consistently positive reviews, there probably is a company worth trusting. If there are a lot of negative reviews, perhaps you should consider a different online dispensary. As discussed earlier, there is plenty of choices when it comes to MOM stores online, so shop around to find the best value. If you are ordering cannabis in America, MOM companies will only sell their products to areas they can legally send them to. Consider reading the online store’s terms and conditions, and if you are not 100% sure everything is above board, consider contacting customer service. 

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