What’s Keeping Cannabis Attorneys Up At Night

What’s Keeping Cannabis Attorneys Up At Night

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We Asked 4 Marijuana-Industry Lawyers 4 Questions. Here’s What They Said

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DENVER—Changing federal policies, nascent state laws, banking and taxes. Lawyers who attended the first-ever Cannabis Law Institute here had a lot to talk about.

We asked four attorneys from California, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Florida for their thoughts on what’s happening now in the industry, what they’d like to see happen and what will happen five years from now. We also asked about any advice these lawyers would give to fellow members of the bar who are thinking about representing a client or otherwise being involved in the cannabis market.

Here are the highlights, edited for length and clarity.

What is one thing that keeps you up at night?

Brian Vicente, partner, Vicente Sederberg, Denver: Jeff Sessions. Just the fact that he exists in a position of power is concerning to me because he has extremely outdated views on marijuana, and I can see him going in a lot of different directions in terms of coming after patients, coming after lawyers, coming after business owners.


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