Written by: Eric Singular

Since 2013, Colorado Congressman, Ed Perlmutter, has introduced the Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act (SAFE Banking Act,) a piece of legislation that would lift restrictions on banks so they could offer financial services to legitimate marijuana and hemp businesses.


In 2019, the SAFE Banking Act passed the House with bipartisan support. With control of the federal government switching party hands, and the Green Wave of cannabis legalization we saw in the 2020 election, the timing may finally be right to move the legislation swiftly through Congress.


Our attorneys possess comprehensive knowledge concerning the laws, policies, and regulations of the cannabis banking space. We continue to provide our clients with access to world-class banking services, financing and lending alternatives, and financial distress relief even in the absence of the SAFE Banking Act. We’re here to help guide your business through the banking and financial challenges that pose herculean obstacles to the success of countless cannabusinesses.