Who’d Have Thought It ? Cannabis Becomes The US’s Political Bi-Partisan Meeting Point

A time traveller from 1985 might be more surprised by this than Elon’s desire to go to Mars !


Good piece in Marijuana Moment todays on state legislatures around the country finding cannabis as the place to bond. Will it happen in other jurisdictions around the world?


MM write

It’s a rare example in today’s divided age of lawmakers finding common policy ground across party lines. While some of the Republicans teaming up with Democrats to legalize cannabis are moderates, others remain sharply partisan on other issues. Florida Republican Rep. Anthony Sabatini, for example, a sponsor of bipartisan legislation to legalize cannabis for adults in that state and allow past convictions to be expunged, has previously tweeted QAnon conspiracy theories and criticized Black Lives Matter protestors as “disgusting, lawless thugs.”

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2021 Sees Republican Lawmakers Take Lead On Marijuana Legalization In More U.S. States

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