Why I Use Hemp Cream for my Arthritis (And You Should Too)

Living with arthritis can be a real challenge – that’s something that every arthritis sufferer will probably agree on. As a sufferer from arthritis, I know the challenges that the condition can cause and how severely it can impact on a person’s life; in fact, arthritis used to cause me all of these stresses and more.

However, after learning about hemp cream, I found a new lease of life! Hemp cream is now something that I use as part of my daily arthritis care, and it is something that I truly think could benefit all arthritis sufferers if only other people knew about the tremendous health benefits that it can offer for us!

What is Hemp Cream?

You may have heard of hemp before – its one of those up and coming products that is being talked about everywhere at the minute. Indeed, this is how I heard about hemp cream too. It was just through chatting to my friends one night that I discovered hemp cream and the potential benefits it could offer for me!

Hemp, at its simplest, is a strain of cannabis. No, wait – don’t go running just because it’s cannabis! Indeed, unlike the vast majority of strains of cannabis, hemp isn’t going to result in you getting an overpowering ‘high’ that leaves you doing all sorts of things that you don’t really want to be getting involved with!

No, hemp is different to normal cannabis, and the main difference is in terms of its chemical composition. In most strains of recreational cannabis, the cannabidiol compound, THC, is highly abundant. And it is this compound which is responsible for causing people to experience such powerful highs after consuming cannabis in any of its many forms.

However, the hemp strain of cannabis is different from the vast majority of its cousins as it is not bred for recreational purposes, and so the THC content in hemp is actually limited greatly. Instead of this, hemp breeders cultivate plants which have a huge abundance of another cannabidiol compound: CBD.

CBD and THC are technically very similar compounds to one another; however, CBD has the benefit of not causing people to experience the typical ‘high’ associated with cannabis. However, it still provides all of the many health benefits – which means that you get all of the health benefits without having to worry about ending up stoned.

You may have heard of CBD, too. It’s one of those ‘wonder drugs’ that people are reporting can be effective for, well, pretty much anything. And while I don’t know about that, I can say with confidence that CBD has transformed the way in which I live my life with arthritis.

What are the Health Benefits of CBD?

If you’re a little sceptical about hemp cream and CBD at the minute still then I don’t blame you, because after all, both are still related to cannabis. However, the health benefits that these products can offer are numerous and so it is important that you don’t directly rule them out at this point.

CBD is a highly powerful compound which can be effective in providing a huge number of benefits. Some of the many ways in which CBD can be of benefit for your health include the following:

  • Control of anxiety and depression – CBD can be hugely beneficial for helping to relieve the symptoms of anxiety and depression and create a sense of calmness. This can be important for people who are looking for a way of improving their mental health, especially with so many depression drugs proving to be ineffective or having unpleasant side effects!
  • Cancer control – cancer is a horrible disease, but did you know that CBD can actually be incredibly effective for helping to control it? When used alongside cancer care and medications, CBD could help to kill cancer cells, trigger the immune system into tackling the cancer, and slow the spread of the tumour in the meantime too. It can even help to relieve some of the symptoms associated with cancer treatments such as chemotherapy!
  • Control of seizures and epilepsy – some of the highest profile cases of CBD being used at present include those which are in relation to seizures and epilepsy. With many epilepsy drugs proving to be ineffective, many people have turned to hemp and CBD for controlling their symptoms with great success.
  • Pain control – for sufferers from chronic pain, CBD has proven itself time and time again as being a great form of pain relief. This is particularly important considering that many modern pain control drugs and medications are becoming less effective, or could otherwise be addictive; by contrast, despite being derived from cannabis, CBD is not addictive and so could be a great means for controlling pain if this is the case for you!

As well as this, CBD and hemp creams can also be hugely effective for helping with arthritis too! CBD for arthritis is something that more and more people suffering from arthritis are looking into – and making the change myself and taking CBD for my arthritis is arguably one of the best decisions I ever made, too!

Is Hemp Cream Effective at Controlling Arthritis?

Hemp cream, and the CBD on which it is based, clearly have a huge number of potential benefits – and one such benefit is controlling arthritis. Indeed, arthritis can be effectively managed by supplementing your health care routine with some hemp cream; this is something that I can personally speak of, and so I am passionate about sharing the benefits of CBD for arthritis too!

CBD can be beneficial for many types of arthritis, the two most common of which are Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. Both of these conditions could see improvement after using hemp cream, and that is why many sufferers from the condition are making the change and giving hemp cream a go!

But is hemp cream actually effective at controlling arthritis? Let’s look at the facts.

Studies into CBD and Arthritis

CBD is a product which is rapidly becoming more and more popular as time goes by, and so it is of no surprise that more and more researchers are also looking into the health benefits that this product could provide for the general population. Numerous studies have been conducted into the topic, and I have summarised some of the most noteworthy recent studies below:

  • 2011 – in 2011, a study was carried out in rats regarding how the use of CBD supplements impacted on their pain perception. It was observed during this trial that CBD was actually effective for altering the way in which the pain receptors in these rats were triggered by pain, which indicated that CBD is effective for controlling inflammatory pain the likes of which is caused by arthritis.
  • 2015 – in 2015, a team of researchers carried out a review of the available literature at the time regarding CBD supplementation for the control of Osteoarthritis in animals. The review came to the conclusion that the overarching theme between these studies included was that CBD (and by extension, hemp cream) is effective for reducing the symptoms of Osteoarthritis.
  • 2016 – the use of topical CBD supplements such as hemp cream was actively addressed in a study was carried out in 2016, and the results of this study showed that pain and inflammation resulting from arthritis are controllable with high quality, pure hemp creams and CBD topical treatments; this is also the experience which I have had when using hemp!

Why Choose Hemp Cream?

If you think that choosing hemp for your arthritis could be a good step for you to consider then it is important that you make sure you choose the right type of product. After all, hemp comes in a huge number of different supplemental forms these days, so making the right choice can be tough! Some of the many forms that hemp supplements are now available in include:

  • Hemp oils – hemp oils are made from the extract of hemp plants and are usually incredibly potent forms of CBD. These hemp oils are given in very small doses, usually just a droplet or two of the hemp oils but give good benefits for people taking it in this form. The low dose also means that the flavour of the hemp oil isn’t likely to be an issue for many people.
  • Hemp creams – hemp creams are specially created products which are designed to be applied topically to the skin around an affected area, unlike hemp oils which are generally used as an oral solution. Hemp creams are less concentrated which allows them to be spread over the affected area easily.
  • Hemp gummies – the common name for sweets and chewable products which are infused with hemp or CBD, these products are great for people looking for a sweet treat which also provides them with an effective CBD boost in their diet.

Personally, if you are looking to try hemp for your arthritis then I highly recommend that you look into investing in a high-quality hemp cream.

Hemp cream is easy to apply but offers a key benefit for sufferers from arthritis in that it can be applied directly to the affected area. Once the cream has soaked into your skin, you will soon get to experience the benefits of CBD for arthritis without having to wait so long for it to be absorbed by your body. Indeed, the effects are much faster and generally more powerful, too!

However, if you want to try CBD or hemp for other reasons as well, I recommend that you instead try a hemp oil. Hemp oil is affordable and easy to take and can be great for providing a wide range of different benefits; however, for arthritis alone, hemp cream is a better option in my opinion.

Are There Any Side Effects of Hemp Cream?

Taking hemp supplements can have a few different side effects, although hemp cream is generally the least notable in terms of side effects as it is not consumed as an oral product. However, hemp oils and the like can cause some mild symptoms, especially in new users until their bodies adjust to the new product. These can include fatigue, diarrhoea, and appetite and weight changes.

Of course, it is important that you stay vigilant with hemp creams, as there could still be some effects. For example, if any of the ingredients in your chosen cream cause you irritation, you may need to stop using hemp cream for your arthritis or try a different brand of hemp cream.

Furthermore, you should absolutely consider the purity of your chosen hemp supplements or cream carefully too. Not all products are created equally, sadly, and this means that there are a huge number of low-quality hemp products available on the market these days as well as the high-quality products that we know and love.

So, always review the purification methods that your chosen brand has used during the CBD extraction or production process to get the best results from your hemp cream.

Top Tips for Buying Hemp Creams for Arthritis

If you think that hemp creams for arthritis could be a good option for you to consider then you should consider the following points, to make sure you are getting a great value for money product that will also provide you with great results:

  • Price – different hemp creams will have different prices, so you may want to consider this when shopping around. Hemp creams can be expensive, so always choose one that gives good value for money – but don’t automatically choose the cheapest product either as these may not always be great value products.
  • Reputation – consider the reputation and past reviews of not only the product but also the brand behind them to make sure that you are buying a high-quality product.
  • Brand – reputable brands like Bondi Hemp Oil will be able to deliver you a consistent and reputable product and service to match.

Final Thoughts

I had great results from using hemp cream for my arthritis, and you might also be able to benefit from this as well. Best of luck, and hopefully you will soon be able to live a life free from the restrictions of arthritis once again!

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