Will Australia’s ACT Pass Private Members Bill Today Re Loosening Cannabis Laws ?

The ACT’s chief police officer Ray Johnson said sharing the drug between people, even when no money is involved, would still constitute as an offence.

“If there’s evidence that someone is providing cannabis to someone else, that’s supply and that’s an offence,” he told ABC radio on Wednesday.

Under the new laws, put forward by Labor backbencher Michael Pettersson, adults would be allowed to possess 50 grams of cannabis and grow two plants in their home.

The bill is expected to pass the ACT Assembly on Wednesday, after debate on several amendments.

Chief Police Officer Johnson said ACT police officers would support the government on the new laws.

“We’ll work to make [the laws] as effective as it can be,” he said.

“Police officers will have their views, and they’ll execute the law of the day as best as they can.”

Read full Canberra Times report at  https://www.canberratimes.com.au/story/6405089/sharing-a-joint-would-still-be-a-criminal-offence-under-new-cannabis-laws/

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