Wiz Khalifa, Michael Strahan Being Sued  By Khalifa Kush Partner Carlos Arias

Dope Magazine are  reporting that Wiz Khalifa and NFL Hall of Famer Michael Strahan are being sued by one of their Khalifa Kush business partners for allegedly withholding millions of dollars’ worth in assets. The volatile nature of the cannabis industry can be manifested in legal challenges as businesses establish themselves in the new industry.

Director and Managing Agent for Cuzzi Consulting, Inc., Carlos Arias, said he was denied interest from the company’s earnings which includes a licensing deal for $20,000,000. Arias claims that Strahan and Khalifa stole more than $100,000,000 in assets by excluding him from the company’s business dealings. The court documents were originally obtained by The Blast.

Arias’ claim also alleges “breach of fiduciary duty, aiding and abetting fiduciary breaches, conversion, corporate waste, tortious breach of an express or implied agreement, unjust enrichment, money had and received, professional negligence, civil conspiracy, and declaratory judgment arising out of Defendants’ wrongful conduct concerning the usurpation and misappropriation of assets from Nominal Defendants KKE USA and the Khalifa Kush Joint Venture”.

Read the full report at. https://dopemagazine.com/wiz-khalifa-and-michael-strahan-hit-by-lawsuit-from-khalifa-kush-partner/

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