23 March 2017

Medical Marijuana Law
The legalities surrounding cannabis in Michigan are currently tricky. So join us as legal expert Brian Peter Fenech shares how you can prepare to operate your business under new regulations. Brian has served the Ann Arbor and Detroit communities for over a decade to represent clients’ rights in felony and misdemeanor drug charges, minor in possession and medical marijuana-related matters. Attend Thursday, April 6th!

Cultivating the Skills to Succeed
Come for an informative evening providing professional knowledge and advice for growers and entrepreneurs in our county. Build your professional skills, learn how to get your ducks in a row, understand business plans, licensing, and more. Expert Sarah Ceti, COO & Co-Founder of Green Rush Consulting from Oakland will advise you on how to cultivate the skills you need to succeed in this industry. Attend Thursday, March 2nd!

All Business: Cannabis Taxes & Intellectual Property
Los Angeles is relaunching with new Market Leadership. Along with new leaders and industry announcements, the LA market will host a panel discussing Measure M: a marijuana regulation and tax city council referral on the ballot on March 7th. The future of the California cannabis market will be discussed by special guests Virgil Grant, from the Southern California Coalition and Ruben Honig the Executive Director for the LA Cannabis Task Force. The conversation will be moderated by Felicia Carbajal of the California Cannabis Advocates. Know all you need to know about the measure before heading to the polls the following day! Attend Monday, April 3rd!

The Cannabis Industry in 2017: The New, The Now, The Next
Margeaux Bruner is Principle Director/Benefactor of Synergies for Quantum Mechanic Services. Her mission is to be an unstoppable force nationally in the legalization, decriminalization, and entrepreneurship of cannabis and hemp by assisting others with this shared vision. As Market Leader for Women Grow Metro Detroit, she is continuously engaged in ensuring opportunity, compliance, and diversity. Attend Thursday, March 2nd!

Sports & Cannabis: Changing the Mindset
Join Women Grow NYC Marvin Washington is a retired NFL player who played a total of eleven years with three teams: the New York Jets, Denver Broncos, and San Francisco 49ers. He was a member of the Denver Broncos 1998 Super Bowl winning team and was voted by Sports Illustrated as the 36th best N.Y. Jet of all-time. A voice for former NFL players in the NFL’s concussion lawsuit, Washington addresses the truth about the outcome as well as the effects of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). An advocate for all-natural, non-habit forming cannabis, Washington is speaking out on the topic of using cannabinoids as neuroprotectants as well as an avenue to alleviate the nation’s #1 health epidemic: prescription opioid abuse and addiction. Attend Thursday, April 6th!

Cannabis Testing in Florida — Is it Good Enough?
By providing lab-tested medical cannabis, patients and providers can make informed choices on the quality, viability, health risks, and effectiveness of the medicine they ingest or give to their patients. Lab tested cannabis breaks down the accurate levels of active ingredients; mainly THC, CBD, and, CBN content. Doctors and patients must have an accurate cannabinoid profile for each product, or concentrate which helps to provide the proper strain and dosage for treating any number of symptoms safely and effectively. Join us as expert, Charles K. Shutz M.T. (ASCP), discusses true and clean medicine and founding Cann-A-lab in Palm Beach, Florida. Attend Thursday, April 6th!

Compliance Law in Canada
We’re relaunching our Women Grow Toronto market on April 6th with a meeting theme is surrounding law compliance within the Canadian Cannabis Industry. Featured Panel Speakers Arlene Mack (Osler), Sasha Toten (Minden Gross), and Alice Tseng (Blakes) will share how to navigate the industries legal framework, what Project Claudia and Gator are and why they took place, and what it’s like to be professional women in a male dominated industry. Attend Thursday, April 6!

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