We’ve gone from 3 free days of Love, Peace & Music to years of endless bickering in court and who can abuse the memory the most to generate cash.

The vibe is dead except for more we presume white men in their suits seeing how much further they can denigrate the fading memories of the original festival

Our thoughts on these people sit squarely with what Hendrix thought about his country at the time

Original 2018 Filing



According to Law 360  Woodstock Ventures LC, owner of the festival name,  are in dispute with Woodstock Roots LLC over making cash out of the trademark / brand / name.


Law 360  have all the info and are, as always, behind a paywall – if you feel like giving Lexis Nexis money  go to.  https://www.law360.com/articles/1292698/woodstock-has-long-association-with-pot-2nd-circ-told