Title: Two thirds of Germans are against cannabis legalization, survey shows

Author: The

Date: 13 November 2017


Extract:  63 percent of German citizens are opposed to the legalization of marijuana, a new survey released by research institute Forsa has found.

34 percent of Germans believe that adults should be able to purchase cannabis for their own use in specialist shops, the survey findings moreover reveal.

In January, the Bundestag (German parliament) passed a law that officially made marijuana legal for medicinal purposes, meaning that patients suffering from serious illnesses – such as multiple sclerosis, serious appetite loss, chronic pain or nausea from chemotherapy – have been able to receive medical marijuana prescriptions from their doctors since then.

Before this law, only a select few could apply to be granted permission to consume the drug if they had serious medical conditions. Only around 1,000 people had been given this permission when the law was passed, and they had to take on the costs themselves.

Findings of the Forsa survey also reveal that 70 percent of women are against the legal acquisition and possession of weed and thus above the average of all respondents. Slightly more than half of the men surveyed (56 percent) said they were also against the legalization of the drug.



Title:  Greece Hopes Its Economy Can Get High From Medical Weed

Author: Bloomberg

Date: 13 November 2017


Extract:   Investors in medical cannabis projects are focusing on Greece, where a warm, sunny climate and potentially favorable future legislation could help the government deliver on a promise to pull the country out of a seven-year economic crisis.

Growers have expressed interest in pumping more than 1.5 billion euros ($1.74 billion) into projects to build greenhouse parks for the cultivation and manufacture of cannabis, Evangelos Apostolou, minister of rural development and food, said in an interview. That would give Greece a share of a global market the government says could be worth 200 billion euros in the next 10 years.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is counting on investment to spur economic recovery and allow the country to exit a third bailout program. Forecasts call for growth close to 2 percent this year, rising to 2.5 percent in 2018.



Title: Cabinet approves medical cannabis Malta could become a production centre for the medicinal

Author: Times of Malta

Date: 13 November 2017


Extract:  The Cabinet has agreed on new legislation to improve access to medicinal cannabis, the Prime Minister announced yesterday. Speaking yesterday, Joseph Muscat also unveiled his dream of Malta becoming a production centre for the medicinals. “Cabinet has approved legal amendments to help people suffering from illnesses such as cancer – who have so far had to jump through hoops to get their hands on this medication made from marijuana extracts,” he said. The Times of Malta has reported extensively on the difficulties of patients suffering chronic symptoms when they are unable to get medicinal marijuana products.


Title: Government Takes First Real Step Towards Legalising Cannabis in MaltaCabinet approved legalising and producing the medicine in Malta

Author: Love In Malta

Date: 13 November 2017


Extract:  Malta’s cabinet has approved a law that allows the use of medicinal cannabis products in Malta, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat announced at a meeting in Santa Venera.

This approved law will now go to Parliament to be debated by both sides of the house.

A major change that this approved law proposes is that all doctors will be able to prescribe medicinal cannabis to their patients.

As the law stands today, only specialists can prescribe medicinal cannabis, and in reality, very few people have been able to successfully have it prescribed in Malta, making medicinal cannabis legal in theory but inaccessible in practice.

The new law will make it much easier for patients to be obtain this medicine.



Title: Medicinal cannabis made legal in Poland

Author: The Pharmaceutical Jnl

Date: 13 November 2017


Extract:  Under the new regulations Polish pharmacies will be allowed to manufacture medicines taken from imported cannabis plants.

Pharmacists in Poland have been given the go-ahead to make and distribute pharmaceutical products using cannabis after the Polish government made the drug legal for medicinal use.

The new regulations mean that Polish pharmacies will be allowed to manufacture medicines taken from imported cannabis plants, as long as they have been authorised by the country’s Office for the Registration of Medical Products.