Yes we have been a bit celebrity heavy on the reporting this week  but the combination of it being Raekwon and his philosophy of bringing cannabis back to the people has CLR intrigued.


Forbes reports…..

Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon, born Corey Woods, has gotten into the cannabis game. His project is as unprecedented as it is cool – and just.

The rapper turned entrepreneur has invested in CitizenGrowna company that defines itself as “cannabis for the people, by the people.” With a unique business model, CitizenGrown’s mission is to provide households (in U.S. states where cultivation is legal) with automated cannabis grow boxes that allow people to reap the rewards of this ever-expanding industry.

“We wondered — what if our technology is the way to spread the wealth in this industry?  Use our Boxes, cultivate top-shelf cannabis, and marry profit with purpose,” explained Deepa Sood, the company’s young CEO, during a recent, exclusive conversation.

“It’s like a universal income proposal,” added Raekwon, pointing out this isn’t a side hustle or a second job. It’s, simply put, passive income: CitizenGrown paying you for some space in your home, asking virtually no work from you.



Their Vision Statement

We started out with a very simple question.

What if we could leverage cannabis for good?

We saw the potential in the industry.

But we knew we wanted to do it differently.

As we began to develop our technology that allows anybody to grow — we wondered: What if we could use this technology to allow everyone to grow?

Better yet — what if we could give the people most affected by socio-economic inequality the ability to grow, create wealth, become a part of our community, and prosper.

Our Growing Boxes allow anybody with some room in their homes to make money.

We provide the technology, our Citizens provide the space, and we share the profits.

These Citizens become not only a part of our community, they enrich their own. City by city, state by state.

We want cannabis to do good and we see the path.