At this point we wonder when NJ voters will get sick and tired of the lawmakers and governor failing to come to an agreement on amendments especially when it is Democrats bickering with Democrats.

Marijuana Moment reports..

Following weeks of negotiations with the governor, a top New Jersey lawmaker said on Wednesday that he is abandoning revised compromise legislation to implement marijuana regulations in the state.

It’s been more than three months since New Jersey voters approved an adult-use cannabis legalization referendum. In December, lawmakers sent Gov. Phil Murphy (D) a pair of bills to implement legal sales and decriminalize possession, but a dispute with the governor over his desire to see penalties instituted for underage people has stalled the process.

There have been repeated attempts to reach an agreement on the issue—including the introduction of an earlier version of a “clean up” bill that cleared an Assembly committee late last month—but a top senator signaled that negotiations are over with respect to his chamber’s measure.

Sen. Nicholas Scutari (D), chair of the Judiciary Committee, cancelled a scheduled vote on newly revised clean up legislation in his panel on Wednesday. There was a hearing on that bill on Monday, and a vote that was originally set for Tuesday was also cancelled.

Scutari said on Wednesday that the governor’s request to add penalties for underage marijuana use was sufficiently addressed in the December legislation that’s already on his desk and “all avenues to clarify it any further are exhausted,” according to

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